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What is eCourtDate?

eCourtDate is a cloud-native communications platform used by justice systems such as courts and prosecutors. Agencies can automatically send and receive two-way messages via texts (SMS), email, and voice calls.

Our API allows developers to integrate eCourtDate's scheduling and messaging capabilities into their own applications and workflows.

eCourtDate Agency Required

To use this guide, you must be an authorized user with at least one assigned agency. Sign up for a free trial here ecourtdate.com/sign-up.

Getting Started

Our API is designed to be RESTful, which means that it uses standard HTTP methods (such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) to interact with resources, and URLs that represent those resources. The API returns responses in JSON format.

API Documentation

API documentation is available at docs.ecourtdate.com. The documentation provides information on the available resources, endpoints, and parameters, as well as examples of API requests and responses.

API Regions

We use multiple regions to provide a scalable, fast service for all of our users.

Staging Region:

Testing environment where outbound messages, data reporting, and payment processing are simulated.

  • https://staging.api.ecourtdate.com

Production Regions (recommended for single-region users):

  • https://us-east.api.ecourtdate.com
  • https://us-west.api.ecourtdate.com
  • https://us-south.api.ecourtdate.com

Multi-region Production URL (supports all production regions):

  • https://api.ecourtdate.com

API Clients

An API Client is used to authenticate API requests using an oAuth2-based Client Credentials grant.

Manage API Clients in the Console APIs.

Step 1 - Create an API Client

In the Console APIs, click on Add API, then fill in the form to add a new API Client.

Sample API Client Creation Screenshot
Step 2 - Configure the API Client
Sample API Client Configuration Screenshot
Step 3 - Request an Access Token

Copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the configured API client and request an Access Token.


POST https://api.ecourtdate.com/oauth/token

Request body:

"client_id": "{client_id_value}",
"client_secret": "{client_secret_value}"

The expected response body:

"access_token": "{access_token_value}",
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": "{timestamp}"


All subsequent API requests must include the Access Token in the Authorization header. Example:

Authorization: Bearer {access_token_value}
Content-Type: application/json

Using Multi-Agencies

If you have more than one agency, use an agency param in all requests. Example:


POST https://api.ecourtdate.com/v1/messages/oneoffs?agency={agency_value}

Request body:

"to": "demo@ecourtdate.com",
"content": "You have a one-off message from [AgencyName].",
"subject": "One-off Message on [DateToday]"

Acceptable values for agency param are the agency UUID or reference.

Developer Support

If you have any questions or issues while using eCourtDate's API, please contact our developer support team at devs@ecourtdate.com. We're here to help.

We appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve our API and developer resources.